Weekend Bookshelf: Desmond and a ‘World of Art’

Introducing Desmond!  This little pottery dragon has sat on every desk I’ve ever worked at from my GCSEs to my PhD and continues to occupy a small corner, overseeing matters.  I can’t remember how I ended up with a dragon.  I’m not Welsh. I don’t have a particular propensity for the mythical animal and I don’t own another on a t-shirt, a mug or a print.  He’s it! Given I have moved house almost thirty times, including four international moves, it is astonishing that Desmond is still in perfect condition.

Currently my little dragon is watching me complete seventeen entries for the forthcoming Routledge Encyclopaedia of Modernism. It’s taken longer than expected with both (paid) work popping up (like most academic writing the REM entries are unpaid) and my determination to, as far as possible, triangulate all pieces of data, proving that much of the information and images on Wikipedia are likely to be unreliable. So, drawing from a larger collection of books on my shelves, this little group from Penguin and The World of Art series has been in constant use.



1. Nikolaus Pevsner – An Outline of European Architecture

2. The Thames & Hudson Encyclopaedia of 20th-Century Architecture

3. R. Furneau Jordan – Western Architecture

4. Kenneth Frampton – Modern Architecture, A Critical History

5.Frank Whitford – Bauhaus

6. The Penguin Dictionary of Architecture

7. Nikolaus Pevsner – The Sources of Modern Architecture and Design


No fiction this weekend!  Have a great weekend.


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