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Holiday Bookshelf: It’s (almost) all about London

With the new year comes the professional/personal stocktake.  Assessment of those elements of your life you’re not happy with and the construction of hopeful solutions.  My bugbear is location.  If I could live anywhere tomorrow it would be Sydney, Washington DC or San Francisco, in that order, but I can’t. So London it is. My […]

Battle of the Cities, and Melbourne Wins Again

The Economist Intelligence Unit has awarded Melbourne the title of “most liveable city” for the third time.  Of the 140 cities surveyed four of the top ten are Australian and the rest are the usual suspects, a mix of cities from Canada, Finland and New Zealand. TOP 10 Melbourne, Australia Vienna, Austria Vancouver, Canada Toronto, […]

10 things I love about Sydney (that you won’t find in your guidebooks)*

1. Food! From bill granger (always lower case) to Kylie Kwong, Neil Perry to Matt Moran, Australia is obsessed with food, its provenance and those who create. This is not a passing fad, this is a long standing national obsession. From celebrity chefs from all corners of the world to the expansive fish market in […]

Olympic Transport: Learning from the Past

Moving around a host city during the Olympic Games period is a tortuous process. With the sudden influx of large numbers of visitors, any transport system that operates reasonably well under normal conditions is placed under tremendous strain during such events. It is no surprise then, that host cities include transport infrastructure upgrades in their bid proposals […]

Something for the Weekend

Saturdays are for shopping.  On the first day after the cessation of the working week we have the opportunity to replenish bare kitchen cupboards and reward ourselves for managing to make it through the week alive.  For Sydneysiders, that can often mean markets.  In the Eastern Suburbs, the Paddington Markets are legendary.  Held in the […]

A Not So Short Trip to Sydney

On Boxing Day, after a week of wondering whether any flights would leave and a couple of months allaying concerns regarding engines falling off, I boarded an A380 headed to Sydney. I’m pleased to say that the engines remained attached! I’d spent several years living in Sydney before returning to the UK four and a […]