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Dreaming the Impossible: Unbuilt Britain – A Review

Architectural history is littered with grand plans and ambitious proposals that have never seen their delivery.  From funding issues and short-sighted bureaucrats to misplaced social concepts and technologies beyond their time, there are numerous obstacles that have defeated them.  During my undergraduate architecture education I was fascinated by unbuilt structures, the ambition that lay behind […]

‘The ideal of walkable urbanism’

The second high street on the Academy of Urbanism’s short list for ‘Great Street 2014’ is North Street in Bristol is located south of the river and the city centre in Southville.   Originally an industrial district, accommodating a coal mine and large warehouses for the tobacco industry, and small terraced houses for workers in […]

Save our Villages

The National Housing Federation has a new campaign: to Save our Villages. By publicising the prospect that up to 650 country pubs and 400 village shops could close over the next year they intend to highlight the lack of affordable housing in rural areas, and in turn affect local authority planning decisions that they feel […]