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A Most Depressing Sight

As I left home this morning, I turned the corner to see that the developers have commenced clearing a site for which they have outline planning permission only.  My stance will always be that arable land should never make way for building new houses in anything other than extremely desperate situations (which this is not), […]

Dismal by Design Part I

The Commission for Architecture and the Built Environment and Home Builders Federation are partners in Building for Life which aims to set national standards for excellence in domestic developments. They have developed 20 criteria against which new housing can be assessed. Using these criteria, ‘Dismal Design’ will highlight some of the developments that don’t make […]

Endless Villages: Rural Sprawl in England’s Green and Pleasant Land

Whilst great attention is lavished upon the sprawling suburbs of large cities the world over by academics and policymakers, their rural counterparts remain largely overlooked. Where the edges of cities grew outwards to encompass smaller settlements, now these settlements grew outwards to meet each other. Many of England’s villages are now suffering from the same […]