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Testing Shared Space in Poynton

The final nominee in the Academy of Urbanism‘s Great Street category is Park Lane in Poynton.  Located on the the busy A523 between Macclesfield and Stockport, it was Poynton Town Council’s adoption of a radical approach to dealing with this problem that resulted in it being short listed. Rejecting calls for a bypass, pedestrianisation or speed […]

Dreaming the Impossible: Unbuilt Britain – A Review

Architectural history is littered with grand plans and ambitious proposals that have never seen their delivery.  From funding issues and short-sighted bureaucrats to misplaced social concepts and technologies beyond their time, there are numerous obstacles that have defeated them.  During my undergraduate architecture education I was fascinated by unbuilt structures, the ambition that lay behind […]

Olympic Transport: Learning from the Past

Moving around a host city during the Olympic Games period is a tortuous process. With the sudden influx of large numbers of visitors, any transport system that operates reasonably well under normal conditions is placed under tremendous strain during such events. It is no surprise then, that host cities include transport infrastructure upgrades in their bid proposals […]

Nottingham and the Workplace Parking Levy

I have a friend who is nothing less than incensed with Nottingham City Council. She lives in a large village just outside Nottingham and works for a government agency in their offices on the ring road. In two years she, and almost everyone else who works in the city and uses a private vehicle to […]