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Dismal by Design Part I

The Commission for Architecture and the Built Environment and Home Builders Federation are partners in Building for Life which aims to set national standards for excellence in domestic developments. They have developed 20 criteria against which new housing can be assessed. Using these criteria, ‘Dismal Design’ will highlight some of the developments that don’t make […]

The shortest list…. for now.

As Gordon Brown announced a shorter list of sites approved for the Government’s eco-town scheme than expected yesterday, many campaigners across the country were breathing a sigh of relief. Whilst the Government’s approved list contained ten sites, others have been nominated either by councils, developers or landowners. Yesterday, the final day of work before Parliament […]

Rubbishing Recycling Targets

I’m sure that I couldn’t have been the only one horrified by the smug representative from Plastics 2020 Challenge who informed us that less than 25% of current plastic waste is recycled in the UK. The picture varies depending on where you live; some councils, some sub-contracted refuse collectors and some recycling plants are better […]