I read, research, write, photograph, talk about and walk around all things urban. I hold an undergraduate degree in architecture from Plymouth, three post-grad degrees in urban design (x2) and geography from Oxford Brookes and St. Catherine’s College, Oxford University respectively and a PhD Urban Planning Policy from the University of Sydney. In recognition of this work I have been bestowed with nine international awards and scholarships.

I’m in my second decade of grown up jobs (the type that don’t involve carrying plates, scooping ice cream or bribing small children to behave themselves) and have worked for academic institutions, private consultancies, think tanks and government offices in the UK, US and Australia. Just to prove I’ll take on any topic if you pay me enough (just ask) here’s a list of projects I’ve worked on: post war and post disaster reconstruction, land use policy, eminent domain, safe growth, city and town centre management, residential development policy, citizen engagement and participation, post occupancy evaluation and management, privatisation of public spaces, community development, heritage management, fuel poverty, environmental benchmarking, homelessness and housing for the elderly and disabled.

When left to my own devices my interests lie in the fields of community consultation and civic engagement, and in hallmark events, such as the Olympics and World Cups, their planning, architecture, urban design, and social and economic impacts. Current projects include community involvement in flood management, groups protesting against Heathrow’s proposed expansion and their social networks, and sport, stadia and urban design.

Most importantly, I am the nauseatingly proud owner of the cutest dog on the planet (images available on request) and have an unrelenting passion for cricket (spectator standard only) that I have attempted to shoehorn into my professional as well as my personal life, with some success.


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  1. Hi Kat,

    You’ve produced an incredible amount of impressive work.

    I was specifically after the paper ‘A Century of ‘Bondi the Beautiful’: The Evolution of a Tourist Icon’. The link you have in Publications unfortunately leads to an error.

    Being a Bondi local and running the local tourism site http://www.atbondi.com I’d really appreciate a copy of your work – it sounds fascinating.

    Many thanks in advance for your time!

    Kind regards,
    Andy Solo

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