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The shortest list…. for now.

As Gordon Brown announced a shorter list of sites approved for the Government’s eco-town scheme than expected yesterday, many campaigners across the country were breathing a sigh of relief. Whilst the Government’s approved list contained ten sites, others have been nominated either by councils, developers or landowners. Yesterday, the final day of work before Parliament […]

Save our Villages

The National Housing Federation has a new campaign: to Save our Villages. By publicising the prospect that up to 650 country pubs and 400 village shops could close over the next year they intend to highlight the lack of affordable housing in rural areas, and in turn affect local authority planning decisions that they feel […]

Endless Villages: Rural Sprawl in England’s Green and Pleasant Land

Whilst great attention is lavished upon the sprawling suburbs of large cities the world over by academics and policymakers, their rural counterparts remain largely overlooked. Where the edges of cities grew outwards to encompass smaller settlements, now these settlements grew outwards to meet each other. Many of England’s villages are now suffering from the same […]