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I had been warned before visiting Washington DC for the first time in 2003 that it was a dangerous city.  That couldn’t have been further from the truth.  This might be part of the post 9/11 world of CCTV and vigilance but of all the cities I’ve visited, DC has always felt safe. In light of the tragic […]

Thinking of DC

  For the city, and its people, I’ve always loved, my thoughts are with you….      

I ♥ DC – An Alternative Guide to America’s Capital (and it’s Capitol)

When asked which American cities I love, the response ‘Washington, D.C.’ garners more quizzical responses and confused expressions than any other city on my list.  I’m usually expected to justify this, so here is the list I produce to confound the doubters. 1 – The Metro System.  DC’s Metro rail system is cleaner and cheaper than the […]

Battle of the Cities, and Melbourne Wins Again

The Economist Intelligence Unit has awarded Melbourne the title of “most liveable city” for the third time.  Of the 140 cities surveyed four of the top ten are Australian and the rest are the usual suspects, a mix of cities from Canada, Finland and New Zealand. TOP 10 Melbourne, Australia Vienna, Austria Vancouver, Canada Toronto, […]

Unbuilt Britain Part II – A Review

With the inevitable rain closing in on this bank holiday weekend, some of the best distractions will be on BBC iPlayer, including Unbuilt Britain. Beyond my previously declared fascination with the unbuilt, the second installment of Olivia Horsfall Turner’s Unbuilt Britain was as compelling as the first.   This episode ‘Making Connections’ focused on the plans […]