Weekend Bookshelf: (Not) All Work

Weekend Bookshelf

Having had two weeks of a sick dog, being ill myself and prepping to move house, this weekend is about catching up on work. That might sound a miserable option but after not being able to do much I’m excited to get back to it.


1. Thomas Hardy – Two on a Tower

2. Michael P. Sam and John E. Hughson – Sport in the City

3. Elizabeth David – At Elizabeth David’s Table, Her Very Best Recipes

With Saturday taken up with an Academy of Urbanism study visit of Milton Keynes with the newly established Young Academicians (here’s to better weather than today!), I really only have Sunday to read Sam and Hughson’s edited volume Sport in the City and map out my review for the academic journal Urban Studies.  The review is to coincide with the book’s publication in paperback and I’ve been looking forward to getting my hands on it for a while.

Compiled by Jill Norman, At Elizabeth David’s Table is one of those culinary manuals comprehensive enough that you almost don’t need another, although that’s unlikely to happen here!  It is Elizabeth David’s ‘best of’ and is accompanied by poster-worthy illustrations by Jon Gray, photographs by David Loftus and is introduced by Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall, Rose Gray and Simon Hopkinson among others.  There is every possibility that Sunday’s roast lunch will leap straight from these pages.

But tonight is reserved for my first Hardy.  I’m not usually a reader of books described as a ‘moving story of star-crossed lovers’ but Penguin has republished a series of classics with beautifully designed covers.  My reading choices have been in a rut for a while so I’m adopting the policy I use when choosing a bottle of wine that has yet to fail – go with the interesting/attractive label.  Well it worked for Jane Lawson’s Snowflakes and Schnapps!  Additionally it’s about time I read some Hardy.

Have a great weekend.


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