Weekend Bookshelf – Reduce and Recycle, and Glittering Comfort

The Weekend Bookshelf

With an impending house move comes a reassessment of everything I have accumulated.  So with recycling day on Tuesday next week, my first edit is paper based.  As a researcher and writer, establishing a substantial personal library is the perfect excuse for collecting masses of irrelevant documents ‘just in case’!

Outdated editions of Urban Land have already been sorted, with a pile almost two foot high weighing down two of the blue recycling bags.  My aim is to fill four. So here goes….


1.  Assorted magazines and professional journals to sift and sort.

2.  Jane Lawson – Snowflakes and Schnapps.

3.  Simon Hopkinson – The Good Cook

4. Nayantara Pothen – Glittering Decades. New Delhi in Love and War

The first challenge of the weekend will be skimming old copies of Progressive Planning, Planning, Elle, Red, British Journal of Photography, Dwell and an assortment of international design and travel magazines, some over a decade old, without becoming engrossed.  I’m moving to somewhere with considerably less storage space and I need that space for books.  This image doesn’t represent even half of it!

Originally I bought Jane Lawson’s book for the sunning styling and photography but it contains a collection of northern European recipes that practically beg for you to be snowed in. I’ve since furnished the shelves of several friends and family members with this hefty tome.  The ‘meatballs with vodka, dill cream sauce’ and ‘Nordic seafood hotpot’ are firm favourites.  Now that the weather has moved decisively toward autumn, this is and Simon Hopkinson, make for perfect weekend browsing.  With more familiar recipes Hopkinson’s is a staple text and contains the best ‘Coq au Vin’ of all the versions I’ve trialed (even my mother agrees!).  But then what Simon Hopkinson doesn’t know about cooking a chicken….

And finally, Glittering Decades written by my brilliant friend Nayantara Pothen (part of the brilliant Sydney collective).  Originally penned as her PhD and then converted into a book published by Penguin India, Nayantara was recently invited to adapt the book for the stage with performances across Delhi including the Gymkhana Club this month.  I’m so proud of her I could burst!

Have a great weekend.


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